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In this post, we will provide the Cryptography and Network Security Course for Free from beginner to advance, and you can learn — What you’ll learn, the list of Course content, Requirements, Description, and Why learn Cryptography?

What you’ll learn

  • Start a career in network security. Become a network security specialist.
  • How to become job-ready by understanding how really Cryptography and Network Security work behind the project.
  • Cryptography fundamentals: IDS, firewall, encryption techniques, description techniques, PGP encryption, and more.
  • How to think and work like a good Network security expert: researching, problem-solving, and, workflows.
  • Learn more than advanced levels concept: DSS, MAC, MD5, RSA algorithm, DES algorithm, and more.
  • Learn How does PGP encryption works?
  • The role of hashing in PGP Encryption and what are the uses of PGP Encryption.

Course content


  • You must have a computer/Laptop or smartphone for work.
  • You must have any browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) to learn our tutorials.
  • You must have the basic skill of mathematical problem-solving.
  • You must know the basics of the operating system (OS) to learn Network security.


Have you never known networking on a computer and smart devices before, and thought or say that Cryptography is a good networking course to start with. so you think right

Maybe you have some good experience in operating systems and networks, but want to learn cryptography and network security course. This is a great networking course for your CV (Curriculum vitae).

Perhaps you are stuck in a low-paying networking job and want to move to a better, more senior position to learn cryptography and network security, this might help you.

Why learn Cryptography?

Cryptography is often considered the mother of Operating systems (OS) ​​because many other networks ​​have been based on it.

Although Cryptography is complex and may be simple, it is one of the most powerful security methods. Given that it was created 32 years ago, it is still heavily used and is generally one of the great, most popular, and most widespread network security methods ​​in the world.

Learning Cryptography and network security can really make you stronger at security.

By learning how things really work “under the hood” and understanding the DES algorithm, RSA algorithm, MD5, and so on, you can create the more efficient algorithm, and get a huge advantage over other algorithms in the process.

If you want to be a better network security expert, Cryptography is a great way to start learning!

It does not omit the course details. You’ll learn how to write a high-quality algorithm and be an excellent problem solver. This course not only exists as an algorithm in cryptography and network security, but it also includes all the details on the “why” you are doing. At the end of this course, you will be able to fully understand the concepts of cryptography and network security.

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